Get Involved!

What happens in the NYS Senate affects you directly!

So why not do your part to help make your District 2 representative someone who reflects your own concerns and interests?  You are joining a group of brave, engaged citizens who believe in an ethical future for our democracy.  Kathleen’s campaign for State Senate NY District 2 is an opportunity for you to take action in support of your beliefs.

Here’s the type of help we can use:

Gather Signatures

I am setting the goal of gathering 1,000 signatures by June 6 -- and we need your help. Watch this site (and my Facebook page) for news about petition parties. 

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and neighbors: I am running for Senate in New York's 2nd District. (Send them to this website.) Help me bring fresh ideas to Long Island.


I will be knocking on a LOT of doors. I want to introduce myself, meet people, and listen to what matters to the citizens of District 2. Will you join me?

Make Phone Calls

I am calling the people of District 2 to find out what matters to them. We'll also need donations to keep us going. That's where phone banking comes in!

Host a Fundraiser

Want to host a fundraising event or house party? I would love to meet your friends and family and answer any questions! These events are crucial to the campaign.

Contribute Skills

Good at social media? How about graphic design or data entry? We need people with a variety of skills and talents, and we'd love to have you!

Display a Sign

Help us to reach more people with our message. Anything you can do to help promote Kathleen's campaign will be appreciated.


Do you live in New York Senate District 2 on Long Island? Election day is November 6, 2018, and I need your vote! I'm ready to be your voice. Are you with me?


Running a successful, competitive campaign is, unfortunately, extremely expensive. But - together - we can do this! Every dollar helps, so thank you!!
You can contribute to Kathleen's campaign on her ActBlue page. If you prefer to use conventional mail, you can send your contribution to: Committee to Elect Kathleen Cleary, PO Box 1282, East Northport, NY 11731

Thank you for participating in our campaign. Your contribution, whether donating money, time, or displaying a window sign, is a challenge to special interests with a message of reform and responsibility.  

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