If Sen. John Flanagan doesn’t do something TODAY, speed cameras in school zones will run out of time. These cameras have been statistically proven to save lives.

A bill to extend their operation passed the Assembly. Flanagan won’t bring it to the floor of the Senate.

I’m not the only one who thinks John Flanagan is not doing his job. Hundreds of family members who lost loved ones have been petitioning and protesting.

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Sen. Flanagan denies consituents of every state senator their voices by refusing to bring bills for a vote.

In Albany, I will not allow that. We need just one more Democrat to have a majority in the New York State Senate. We need #MoreWomeninAlbany and #FewerRepublicans.

Send me to Albany to save lives and give everyone a voice. 

John Flanagan Is Not Doing His Job
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