Health Care

Health care is a right, and our system is broken. It wastes billions of dollars and burdens patients and healthcare providers with overwhelming, duplicative paperwork while not providing high quality healthcare. I support the New York Health Act


Every child deserves access to a high quality fully funded public education system. I will fight to make sure Long Island gets its fair share of school funding, I will stand against the overuse and corporatization of standardized testing and protect the safety of our school children.


Climate change is real, and the effects are already present. Long Island is experiencing larger storms with increasing damage, and hotter, more humid and more unpredictable summers. Since Superstorm Sandy many areas are now subject to tidal-flooding. It will be my duty to dedicate more resources to the protection of our most vulnerable coastlines. I will also stand with my colleagues in promoting solutions for clean air, high water quality, and increased usage of renewable resources.

Fighting Opioid Abuse

We must change the over prescription of opioids that is even affecting our youngest. Our home is being seized by the spread of Heroin, narcotics, and other trafficked substances that are causing irreversible damage to families and communities. I will fight to protect our district, to fund proven treatment and support programs.

Common Sense Gun Laws

The many tragedies our people have experienced demand attention. That is why I stand proudly with all the survivors, families, and communities impacted by gun violence. We owe them a Senate that will actually consider our answers to the issue. I will be a voice in favor of banning bump stocks, strengthening background checks, and passing the Extreme Risk Protection Order.

Women's Healthcare

Women deserve access to the full range of healthcare services including reproductive health care.  I fully support the Women’s Reproductive Health Act which will solidify New Yorkers Reproductive Rights. 

Campaign Finance Reform

Constituents must know who is funding a candidate’s campaigns. My opponent receives enormous amounts of money from donors located outside of Suffolk County. These millions of dollars dwarf local contributions and that is an insult to all the residents of NYS Senate District 2. Special interests should not influence our local elections. I will fight for improved disclosure requirements, closing the LLC loophole, and lowering campaign contribution limits.

LGBT Rights

I support GENDA which would amend New York State’s executive law, civil rights law, and the education law to explicitly prohibit discrimination based on “gender identity or expression.” It will also amend the penal and criminal procedure law to include offenses targeting people based on their gender identity or expression as hate crimes. My opponent refuses to allow LGBT bills to the Senate floor for a vote and voted against the Marriage Equality Act.

Pass the Child Victims Act

Of all the obstructions by my opponent, the majority leader, it is unconscionable that when gaining authority, he chose to neglect our brave survivors. We owe it to them for the immediate removal of an official who protects predators, abusers and shields those institutions. Statute of Limitation reform has been thrown off the table for a decade. The Child Victims Act will be passed when we repeal John Flanagan! 

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