Health Care

Health care is a right, and our system is broken. It wastes billions of dollars and burdens patients and healthcare providers with overwhelming, duplicative paperwork while not providing high quality healthcare. I support the New York Health Act


Every child deserves access to a high quality fully funded public education system. I will fight to make sure Long Island gets its fair share of school funding, I will stand against the overuse and corporatization of standardized testing and protect the safety of our school children.


Climate change is real. Long Island is experiencing large storms more often and we are suffering increased damage. Since superstorm Sandy many areas are now subject to tidal-flooding. We need to move to protect our vulnerable areas, ensure clean air and water and increase the usage of renewable resources.

Common Sense Gun Laws

I support laws keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous individuals and the ban on bump stocks.

Women and Family Rights

Women deserve access to the full ranges of healthcare services including reproductive health care. Families need affordable, safe childcare and a living wage.

Campaign Finance Reform

Constituents must know who is funding a candidate’s campaigns. Disclosure requirements must be expanded, the LLC loophole closed, and the contribution limits lowered.

Enact the Child Victims Act

I support this act that lifts the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases. It is unconscionable that a vote on this has been blocked in the NYS Senate for eleven years.

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