Kathleen Cleary for NY Senate District Two

Thank you...

Thank you to all who supported my campaign. While I did not win the election we all made sure that the issues important to us: Women’s Reproductive Health, the Child Victims Act, ERPO, GENDA, NYHealth were discussed, and now that the NYS Senate has flipped to blue these bills will be passed.

Discussing these bills and explaining to the residents of SD 2 why they should pass and that it was their current NYS Senator who was holding them from passing is the reason I began this campaign. I am proud of how far we came with a small but dedicated team who managed through hard work to receive 45% of the vote (50,581 votes) against the NYS Senate Majority Leader.  As you can see from the graphics below our hard work is turning NY SD 2 from Red to Pink to Blue.

I knew this would be a hard fight, but I did not know how much I would enjoy it and how many wonderful people I would meet. Thank you again to all who worked on my campaign, all the residents of SD 2 whose doors we knocked and phones we called. Thank you to my husband who jumped right in to manage campaign HQ and to my daughter who has been a huge support this entire journey.
Kathleen Cleary

Thanks for helping to change the NYS Senate District 2 from Red to Pink to Blue:

Here’s the mailer from the New York State Democratic Committee…

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The Issues

I will focus on finally passing the Child Victims Act, addressing gun violence with the Extreme Risk Protection Order, and fixing our healthcare with the NY Health Act.

About Kathleen

As a lifelong resident of Long Island, I can apply my knowledge of compromise and conflict resolution to steer meaningful change for our Home.


My opponent has received over one million dollars from outside our district. He attention and continued funding do not align with his constituents. Every dollar I receive goes towards the fair representation we deserve.

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To vote in the State and Local primary your application must be postmarked by August 19, 2018. To vote in the November 6, 2018 General Election your application must be postmarked by October 12, 2018. 

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Gerrymandering makes it hard to know sometimes, but the NYS-2 (view a map of the NYS Senate District 2) covers this area of Northwest Suffolk County.

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